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This free penis enlargement site is run entirely by donations. If you find it helpful and wish to donate to it's upkeep, it will be appreciated. If you do not wish to donate, that is also fine.

When Jeremy Paxman complains about penis enlargement spam mail live on air, he is cursing what millions of men and women know all too well. This kind of spam gives penis enlargement a bad name and resources on the web are often cancelled out by the noise generated by the spammers. It can be difficult to tell what is real and what is fabrication, or even whether the whole thing is fabrication. One of the simplest and most valid questions is Does Penis Enlargement Work?. Maybe surprisingly the answer is yes, but not for everyone, and you do not need to purchase anything to make it happen. It's sensible to think in the long term, 10 cm in 3 months is not realistic.

On this site you will find that the secret techniques of ancient African or Arab descent are not so secret and certainly without the purported heritage. You will find penis enlargement techniques like the jelq to increase girth and length, stretches to extend length, and squeezes to increase penis girth. Tutorial articles are supported by video clips with audio commentary. All known penis enlargement methods have been or are being discussed here.

Being male and visiting a penis enlargement website may be proof enough that you want and intend to enlarge your penis. With the prevalence of well endowed men in porn sourced from the US, the image of what is reasonable is shifting. The pressure that many women have felt about breast size is starting to focus on our members. However, just as women can ignore this pressure, so can a man exist with the size of penis he was born in all but the minority of cases. To appreciate where your penis fits in the grand scheme of things please read the penis size page.

Forum guests can view a small subset of the available forums, membership is required to view the others. Membership is free and the valid email address required to register will not be used for unsolicited mails or imparted to a third party. Please view the forums as a guest to imbibe the flavour of the site and register only when or if you are happy to do so.

Beyond the forums, there are a number of other resources:

Tom Hubbard's Penis Workshop

This site focuses on DIY penis enlargement devices. It includes hanging devices that may be used to safely apply weights to the penis, including his AFB design and the extremely simple swim cap hanger. It also contains the Ball Zinger, a device based on the Blakoe Ring concept, with the intent of increasing sperm production. Some of the devices are derived from commercially available devices, some have had commercially available devices derived from them. In either case the commercial devices may cost hundreds of pounds and Tom's devices will cost pennies to make.

Penis Enlargement Archives

This site contains penis enlargement articles and posts, from this and previous forums, with techniques that have stood the test of time. It also contains the mass of information that is the Tom Hubbard archives.

Penis Enlargement FAQ and Glossary

A brief introduction to some of the main penis enlargement techniques and links to further resources. There is a large range of both essential and spurious language associated with penis anatomy and penis enlargement. The PE glossary provides a definition for the most important terms.

Penis Enlargement Videos

This site contains step by step pictures for free penis enlargement videos, covering multiple techniques and disciplines.

Penis Enlargement Wiki

The wiki is a free penis enlargement resource started in November 2004 and very slowly gaining information. Editing is limited to members. Forum moderators keep an eye on the content to ensure the information is valid.

Free Penis Enlargement Database

With something like penis enlargement, if detailed measurements are not taken the chance of gauging success is limited. This site allows for the storage of penis enlargement statistics and the viewing of the statistics of others.

Free Penis Enlargement Links

Links to other online free penis enlargement resources.

IRC chat

The IRC chat server available to forum members only, for discussion of PE and other topics. The chat server is moderated by the forum moderators.

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