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Penis Size

Penis Size. What Is Normal?

If, like Jeremy Clarkson, people assume that you are compensating for an inadequate manhood by driving an opulent car, capable of speeds in excess of the national speed limit and liable to set off Gatso guns at 500 metres; If women in your past have derided the size of your penis; then it may seem that penis size is the issue, rather than the probably questionable motives of these people.

Before you even consider penis enlargement, you need to consider why your size is a problem to you, and part of that may be comparison with others. The average heterosexual man has limited chances to view other penises, and may well avoid the chances he has. A gay man with limited experience may not have experienced a variety of sizes. The other chances for comparison are often porn movies, and these are highly unrepresentative.

Penis Size Surveys

If you want to skip this section, the average length of the penis is between 13 and 18 cm and the average erect girth is between 10 and 14 cm.

If you are over 40 or somehow never learnt how to deal with the metric system, view the imperial version.

Kinsey Report

A US based sexual behaviour researcher, Dr. Alfred Kinsey, produced the only medically verified large scale survey of penis size. Below is a graph showing the length results, alternatively a Penis Length Table is available. To compare your size to this graph: measure your penis whilst fully erect, from the top, with the zero mark of the ruler over the point at which the penis meets the skin around the pubic area without pressing in. Unless you are circumcised, ensure your foreskin is retracted.

Enlarged Penis Length Graph

Below is a graph of erect girth against the percentage of men with said girth. To measure yourself, use a tailors tape or length of string and measure around the middle of the shaft when fully erect. Alternatively view the data in a Penis Girth Table

Enlarged Penis Girth Graph

This data was used by Jamison and Gebhard (Journal for Sex Research 24: 177-183. 1988) to produce median results:

Standard Deviation
Flaccid penis length 9.88 1.90
Erect penis length 15.77 1.96
Flaccid penis circumference 9.53 1.65
Erect penis circumference 12.32 1.80
Erectile increase in length 5.84 1.80
Erectile increase in circumference 2.82 1.32

Kinsey has a survey size of 3,500.

The Definitive Penis Size Survey

This survey is something that leverages the power of the Internet. It is therefore self reporting but the similarity of the results to Kinsey are striking and so it seems reasonable to assume that bogus entries are overwhelmed by good entries.

The sample size is currently 2,545 which is slightly smaller than Kinsey but certainly enough to to provide good results. In this survey the length results are measured BP, which means the ruler is pressed into the pubic bone on the top of the penis. This removes the effect of the fat pad over the pubic bone which can easily be over 0.5". Most people on the forum push as as hard as possible when using this method, which may mean they are measuring longer than people in this survey for the same physical length. The girth shown is also larger than in Kinsey but girth is harder to measure and tends to increase if the erection is allowed to fade slightly whilst measuring, it is not unreasonable to assume that respondents will attempt to measure the maximum dimensions rather than the fully erect dimensions.

Standard Deviation
Flaccid penis length 8.6 2.8
Erect penis length 16.3 3.0
Erect penis circumference 12.7 2.5

This survey is well designed and comprehensive, also probing the psychology of penis size.

The Definitive Penis Size Survey.

Still Unsatisfied With Your Penis Size?


  1. Your erect length is less than 5" and your erect girth is less that 4", you are below average.
  2. Your erect length is 5-7" and your erect girth is 4-5.5", you are average.
  3. Your erect length is over 6.21" and your erect girth is over 4.85", you are larger than the majority of other men

If you fit into category 1, it's worth remembering that you need to be well below average to be considered truly small or suffering from microphallus.

If you fit into category 2 you are perfectly normal. Your penis size is the size penises are meant to be. You are perfectly capable of satisfying a lover and in fact an increase in size may negatively impact on your sex life.

In category 3 you can walk down the street safe in the knowledge that the majority of men you meet will be smaller than you. Does that help?

What Penis Enlargement Will Not Do

Penis Enlargement is a physical thing, it's about taking something of one size and transforming it into another, it will not:
  • Mend a broken psyche
    If you are worrying about your penis size it is probably simply a focus for something bigger. If you change your penis size the original issue will not be fixed.
  • Give you a better chance of shagging more people
    A larger penis will not suddenly make you incredibly witty and capable of talking someone into a blow job behind a club.
  • Fix a broken relationship
    If you think you will be able to satisfy your partner or bring back to life a dying relationship, you are as wrong as those people who think having a child will fix their relationship.
  • Make you a sex god
    If you can't use your dick effectively or you are simple crap in bed, a larger penis will not change this.

If you expect any of these things from penis enlargement, you are expecting too much and you may want to look at what the real problem is. If you can't get a romantic or sexual partner, when was the last time you asked someone? If your long term relationship is not working out, do you even talk about things other than bills or maybe offspring and when was the last time you had sex when you weren't tired and incapable doing more than falling into the same old positions and durations?

Penis Enlargement will focus you on your penis and it may, especially if it doesn't work - and it may not, make you feel a lot worse about yourself than you currently do. For it to succeed at all it needs to be run like a military operation and if you can't spare an hour in your day 5 days a week, you will become quickly frustrated.

If you want to succeed, you must bring a sceptical but positive attitude to it and be willing to spend a great deal of time over a period of one or two years.